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  • Simple to Understand and Use
  • Highly Flexible to Suit Your Process
  • Visualise, Evaluate and Improve!
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Why Use Simulation Software?

Learning Lean Six Sigma takes time to understand. Here at LeanFlow we've designed a tool to learn in a dynamic environment. It's specifically made for you and your teams to understand lean tools and techniques.   They can change parameters in a simulation of a process flow without risk. They can then understand what drives the flow and what changes you can make to improve throughput or lead-time You can make "what-if" style changes and assess the results without risk.   LeanFlow allows you to draw any system, no matter how many processes it contains, and then add timings and capacities.

Three Reasons To Choose LeanFlow Simulation Software

Want to train your teams in lean thinking? Here's Why You Should Choose LeanFlow:


Easy to Use ..........Build a Simulation Model of Your Process in Minutes


Cloud Based - No Need For You to Integrate Into On-Site IT Systems


Fast - Learn Lean Thinking in a Dynamic Environment

Need Help?

Do you want more from your systems and processes?   More production and output without increased costs?   More output from a transactional process?   We are experts in both and offer:
  • Specific training and support on any aspect of simulation.
  • Design and implementation of business processes and business management systems.
  • Provision of training and development for teams and individuals in lean and six sigma when applied to manufacturing operations. Training can be structured for your specific needs and requirements.
  • Lean and six sigma project support including specialist advice to lean six sigma practitioners in industry.
  • Advice and direction on specific product quality issues, including product design, assessment of product quality and the solution of product performance issues.
  • Examination and investigations following incidents, accidents, component/system failure or performance problems arising from issues relating to design, manufacture, maintenance and fitness for purpose.
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